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St. Josephs Queens Park - Home



"Cyber Safety guru to visit St. Joseph's in 2017".


“Jubilee Year of Mercy” – The Psalms of Mercy"

Why talk about mercy in so many parables? The truth is that the human heart is a
deep abyss and mercy is a serious issue. It is easy to talk about mercy, but difficult
to live it! The first feature of mercy is that it is a grace that generates gratitude.
Gratitude is the dominant reaction for the gratuitous justification of a sinner.
The parables of Mercy



Vision Statement

We at St Joseph's Primary School Queens Park are a faith based community which strives to recognise and respond to the image of Christ in us all, as we grow through work and prayer.




St Joseph’s Lily Pod

The rainbow seed (children) is nurtured in the pod (school) and grows in God’s Light.
The light was lit in the past, shines brightly in the present and expands into a future of infinite possibility.

Design and Artist - Reita Henderson  Atrei Elevation